​​Sheffield WoodTurning, home of segmented and natural wood turning art. My name is Rob Sheffield and it is my sincere hope you will enjoy exploring the galleries of my hand turned segmented and natural woodturnings.

Domestic and exotic wood harvested from around the globe are used to create these beautiful hand turned natural wood bowls and segmented vases. The incredible diverse properties of wood are what make this renewable resource so enjoyable to use. Woodturning combines the organic and the industrial to yield a manifestation of man’s creative nature.

Segmented WoodTurning is constructed from carefully cut and glued pieces of wood. The woodturner is able to manipulate the wood to produce a mosaic of contrasting color and limitless form bound only by the artist’s creativity. Segmented woodturning steps outside the limits of the natural into the realm of the unnatural.Woodturnings have the profound ability to give comfort and pleasure to even the casual observer. The turned form has the power to connect symmetrical with asymmetrical, bold with inconspicuous, monochrome with polychrome, traditional with unusual. This century’s old craft is emerging in our contemporary society with a new awareness and appreciation that spans the spectrum of global culture.

Natural WoodTurning is created from a solid piece of wood. The inimitable properties embodied in this abundant medium ultimately reveal an expression of the wood, the artist, and our creator.

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Segmented & Natural WoodTurning Art

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